Friday, April 7, 2017

Winter Planning Gives Way To Spring Enacting

     I haven't posted anything lately regarding the planning taking place for another great year here at Williams Wilderness Lodge, so I thought I would do my best to get everyone up to speed. First let me tell you that we had another very mild winter. It's early April and we still have bucks holding their antlers. Additionally, I went on a walkabout in February and spotted a lot of very late season rubs and a few scrapes.
Whitetail grouped up in NE corner April 1st
     The last two weeks have been almost non-stop rain, so we are expecting the understory of the woods to grow up quite rapidly in the near future, just in time for some great Spring turkey hunting. Based upon sign and movement patterns last year, we will be moving a few stands around for the upcoming whitetail season. I have attached the photo of the planned stand placement below. For those who have hunted with us before, this will make perfect sense. If you haven't hunted with us before, don't hesitate to call and inquire. I like to think I am a fairly friendly guy (as long as I've completed my first two cups of coffee) and I'll be happy to help familiarize you with the property and possibly get you locked in for a great whitetail deer hunt this Fall.
Williams Wilderness Lodge Stand Placement 2017 (Tentative)
     The two ladder stand movements will be overlooking two prime staging areas on the property. I am also moving the Millennium hanging stand (cadillac of hanging stands) to a better location along a travel corridor. The most exciting addition for 2017 is the new pentagon box blind that will be installed in the northeast corner. Those that hunted last year know that we had some big bucks roaming in there last year. I have toiled long and hard to turn this blind into a portable luxury home on wheels. With the help of an old boat trailer and just enough woodworking skill to injure myself multiple times, this is the result.

     This beauty will be staged on the top of the ridgeline for Spring Turkey Season and then moved down into the monster buck "coffin corner" for the 2017 Whitetail Season. 

     Now let's discuss food plots for 2017. In past years I have planted Spring foodplots with varied results. I have utilized plotsaver fencing and repellant which works fairly well. It doesn't keep all of the deer out, but it does make a distinct difference from leaving the plot wide open for browsing. Nonetheless, this year I will be waiting until late Summer to plant Fall plots only. I think this will help to make the plots last longer into the season than years past. Additionally, I am trying out a new seed mix this year. I will be planting Eagle Broadside Blend this year. It is a mixture of soybeans, radishes, wheat, and turnips. It is designed for the soybeans to grow up first for forage, followed by the radishes, then the wheat, and finally the turnips. It is supposed to last much longer with different food growing at different times.

     So, as you can see the busy season has begun for us here at Williams Wilderness Lodge. Our goal is to provide the greatest quality hunt we can for you at an incredibly affordable price. Please give me a call today and we can get you setup for a great season.

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