Friday, November 20, 2015

Whitetail Deer Season In Full Swing In Northern Missouri

The early archery season is over and we are in the midst of rifle season here at Williams Wilderness Lodge. The rut is well underway and I am at the stage of the season where I am relegated to watch and hope that all of my efforts throughout the Spring and Summer produce results. There is a certain anticipation that takes place while waiting for the results of the season to come in, but there is nothing more satisfactory than when a customer harvests a big one to refresh the confidence that all of the Spring plowing, seeding and weeding, all of the digging and mineral site building, all of the postseason supplemental feeding in the winter, all of the timber stand improvement and intel gathering from trail cameras...all of it is well worth it when it produces results like this:
Doug's big ten point buck at Williams Wilderness Lodge.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trail Cameras Tell a Tale

Sometimes when pulling trail camera cards after a customer has left, I am able to see just how close they were to big whitetail deer and didn't even know it.
Two hunters headed out of the woods for the evening
At 5:54 pm these two gentlemen exited the woods for the evening and three minutes later....
curious buck
This guy showed up to check out what all the noise on the trail was.