Thursday, August 14, 2014

Huge Work and Preparation Week.

This has been one long week of work trying to get everything ready for the 2014 deer season. I did my cutting and spraying a couple weeks ago, but this week I have been plowing and dragging two new plots for fall planting. It is Thursday evening and this is how they look. It is supposed to rain this weekend so seeds are going in the ground tomorrow evening.
This plot will be planted tomorrow with a brassica blend of turnips, sugar beets, and rape.
This plot will be planted tomorrow with crimson, red, and white clover, as well as forage oats.

Additionally, I have been setting up stands this week.
In total, there are four 15' ladder stands to go along with two Millenium M100 hanging stands.

Spring Food Plot Success

This guy seems to be enjoying what's left of the Spring Food Plot.