Thursday, January 11, 2018

Williams Wilderness Lodge Offering Only (2) Five Day Hunts This Year.

Just one of the monster bucks harvested at Williams Wilderness Lodge

   Get the best out of your private hunting experience this year by hunting our 102 acres of mostly wooded trophy whitetail deer and turkey land. Enjoy the convenience of having your lodging and private hunt organized into one package with our three bedroom lodge located only 4 miles away.

     Each year we manage this land specifically for quality whitetail deer and turkey. We plant food plots annually to attract big game. Additionally, we have completed over 70 acres of timber stand improvement to open up the canopy of the forest and grow natural food plots throughout and create quality bedding areas. On top of that, we utilize multiple trail cameras throughout the year to gauge wildlife quality and learn patterns to assist you with your hunt. We also have multiple stands on the property for your convenience, should you not wish to put up your own.

     We offer a quality private hunt in trophy whitetail country on land that you know is managed for big whitetails with extremely limited hunting pressure, and a nice, warm private lodge containing everything your trip needs, minus the food. I will be happy to provide you with the courtesy and customer service that your party deserves. Give me a call to set up your hunt.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

2017 Williams Lodge Status Report

     Well it is almost summer here at the Lodge and as we patiently await trail camera pictures of our newly born fawns for 2017 we shall provide everyone with a brief status report.

     Stand movements have been made per our previous post. I am excited about their locations for this year based upon movement patterns last year. The new portable hexagon blind is being moved into the northeast "coffin" corner later today and will hopefully help to finally close the deal on the big buck that has been evading hunters in that area of the property. Trails have been brush hogged a little wider in places for easier movement to stands.

     Trail cameras are showing a changing doe to buck ratio. In past years I have been trying to reduce this ratio and I am cautiously optimistic from what I am seeing this Spring. However, it should be noted that there were clearly a lot of late born bucks that may not have established their own movement zones yet, so we will update this assessment in early Fall, when some of these younger bucks may no longer be in this area.

     There has also been an uptick in predators at the Lodge. A decent sized bobcat is showing up on a regular basis and I am blaming him for a lower turkey population this year. I might even put a bounty on his head for customers this year of $100. Bobcat season runs from November 15-January 31. We are also going to conduct a "coyote cleansing" in the near future to help protect our new fawns.

    Fall food plots will be planted later in July and will be a new mix of soybeans, wheat, radishes, and turnips, called Eagle Broadside, that should have groceries growing at different times to replace what is being eaten. This will hopefully extend the life of the food plots well beyond rifle season.

     That is a brief rundown of what we tasks we have completed and which tasks are still to come. Please give me a call if you have any questions or just want to get more information about a future hunt. I am happy to help in any way I can.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Winter Planning Gives Way To Spring Enacting

     I haven't posted anything lately regarding the planning taking place for another great year here at Williams Wilderness Lodge, so I thought I would do my best to get everyone up to speed. First let me tell you that we had another very mild winter. It's early April and we still have bucks holding their antlers. Additionally, I went on a walkabout in February and spotted a lot of very late season rubs and a few scrapes.
Whitetail grouped up in NE corner April 1st
     The last two weeks have been almost non-stop rain, so we are expecting the understory of the woods to grow up quite rapidly in the near future, just in time for some great Spring turkey hunting. Based upon sign and movement patterns last year, we will be moving a few stands around for the upcoming whitetail season. I have attached the photo of the planned stand placement below. For those who have hunted with us before, this will make perfect sense. If you haven't hunted with us before, don't hesitate to call and inquire. I like to think I am a fairly friendly guy (as long as I've completed my first two cups of coffee) and I'll be happy to help familiarize you with the property and possibly get you locked in for a great whitetail deer hunt this Fall.
Williams Wilderness Lodge Stand Placement 2017 (Tentative)
     The two ladder stand movements will be overlooking two prime staging areas on the property. I am also moving the Millennium hanging stand (cadillac of hanging stands) to a better location along a travel corridor. The most exciting addition for 2017 is the new pentagon box blind that will be installed in the northeast corner. Those that hunted last year know that we had some big bucks roaming in there last year. I have toiled long and hard to turn this blind into a portable luxury home on wheels. With the help of an old boat trailer and just enough woodworking skill to injure myself multiple times, this is the result.

     This beauty will be staged on the top of the ridgeline for Spring Turkey Season and then moved down into the monster buck "coffin corner" for the 2017 Whitetail Season. 

     Now let's discuss food plots for 2017. In past years I have planted Spring foodplots with varied results. I have utilized plotsaver fencing and repellant which works fairly well. It doesn't keep all of the deer out, but it does make a distinct difference from leaving the plot wide open for browsing. Nonetheless, this year I will be waiting until late Summer to plant Fall plots only. I think this will help to make the plots last longer into the season than years past. Additionally, I am trying out a new seed mix this year. I will be planting Eagle Broadside Blend this year. It is a mixture of soybeans, radishes, wheat, and turnips. It is designed for the soybeans to grow up first for forage, followed by the radishes, then the wheat, and finally the turnips. It is supposed to last much longer with different food growing at different times.

     So, as you can see the busy season has begun for us here at Williams Wilderness Lodge. Our goal is to provide the greatest quality hunt we can for you at an incredibly affordable price. Please give me a call today and we can get you setup for a great season.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happy Bow Season Eve!!!

The Night Before Bow Season.......

by Greg Milatz on Thursday,September 30,2010

'Twas the night before bow season all through the state,
Not a creature was stirring only those still up late;

The treestands were hung in the woodlots with care,
In hopes that a shooter soon would be there.

The hunters were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of opening day danced in their heads;

I had on my boots and Williams Wilderness Lodge cap,
My Hoyt Charger laid on my lap.

When out in the swamp there arose such a clatter,
I awoke from my doze to see what was the matter.

I blinked and I blinked,tried to focus my eyes,
My knees they were knocking and so were my thighs!

When,what to my wondering eyes should appear,
40 yards a way,a 160 class deer!

With a crick in his walk,not lively or quick,
I silently drew and a spot I did pick,

More rapid than eagles my breathing became,
As he pawed and he grunted still closer he came;

It wasn't Dasher or Dancer or Prancer or Vixen,
Not Comet,not Cupid,not Donner nor Blitzen!

Behind the large oak,now near a deadfall,
My trance it was broken by a crow's distant caw.

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle,mount to the sky,

A small spike-horn buck and several more deer,
Parading behind the buck big as a steer.

And then,in a twinkling,I heard to my right,
Another 160,OH WHAT A SIGHT!

My head it was spinning,my breathing was fast,
I knew that this scene wasn't going to last.

His cape it was dark,it seemed almost black,
From years in the swamp,where sunlight did lack.

His bases were massive,his main beams were too,
His dressed weight I figured would easily go two.

His eyes --how they twinkled! His throat patch a double!
This case of buck fever had me in deep trouble

I eased up my draw,they didn't flinch,
The scene it was frozen,man 'nor beast moved an inch.

I could hear acorns crunching from the bite of their teeth,
And steam from their nostrils encircled their head like a wreath;

He had a broad neck,for that it seemed early,
These wild living creatures had turned me to jelly.

Resigned to the fact that the deer'd won this round,
I simply enjoyed the scene I had found.

In the blink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Away from my stand this deer gaggle did head.

They pawed and they grunted the young bucks did trot,
I wondered and said thanks for the show I had got.

A lifetime of memories this hunt it did make,
Despite my bow did not fire,or no game did I take.

My breathing had calmed,my knee knocking did cease,
I was glowing,was happy,my world was at peace.

The hunt makes you do that,the hunt,not the kill,
The day that it doesn't,I'll quit hunting,I will.

What the heck is that clatter,that despicable beep?
That's ruining my dream and ending my sleep?

It's the alarm clock,so get out of bed,
Let's make a reality what was just in my head!