Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The New Lodge Is Officially Operational

Williams Wilderness Lodge offers quality whitetail deer and turkey hunts at affordable prices.
     Williams Wilderness Lodge is proud to announce that our new lodge is officially operational. We are once again able to offer convenient private lodging along with our quality whitetail deer and turkey hunts. This two bedroom lodge will comfortably house your hunting party for a memorable getaway. It is located within four miles of our privately managed hunting land in downtown Livonia, MO.

     We have late season openings still available so check the booking calendar and contact us to set you up with your very own quality whitetail hunt in northern Missouri. We are family owned. We only lodge and hunt one group at a time so you know that our focus is on your hunt. Please call Ron for more information at 928-366-4020, or email to get on our mailing list. We will begin taking reservations for 2016 hunts in December and we will have rates posted soon.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Williams Wilderness Lodge Is Always Making Improvements

Whitetail bucks tearing up our soybean food plot here at Williams Wilderness Lodge
     It is that time of year again. The whitetail buck bachelor groups are moving. The resident does are making final preparations to send their offspring on their adult way, mineral sites and food plots have helped to nourish the herd again this year and with impressive results. The population and volume of photos are higher this year than last, but we are never content to rest upon small improvements. It's "go big or go home" here at Williams Wilderness Lodge as we continue our quest to create our little outdoor Utopia here in Northern Missouri.

     We have been putting together a Forest Management Plan with a licensed forester for over a year. The plan was finalized and ratified by Congress ( I may be overplaying the story a bit) this Spring and we just finished a little over 40 acres of timber stand improvement on the north and east sections of the property.
Timber stand improvement was completed in zones 1 and 2.
     Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) helps to thin out the forest of undesirable trees and open up the forest canopy for the healthy trees to gain more sunlight, and grow even better. Trees in dense forests tend to use all their energy to grow vertically in competition for sunlight, by thinning and opening the canopy it will allow the remaining healthy trees to grow a broader crown, resulting in more abundant hard and soft mast fruits for wildlife. In addition, opening the forest floor up to more sunlight will help grow a more abundant understory growth, which will create natural food plots for whitetail deer, turkey, and other Williams Wilderness Lodge non-tax paying residents. This undergrowth also creates a more comfortable and appealing atmosphere for whitetail deer, who feel safer in thick underbrush and find more abundant bedding areas in the growth as well as the fallen trees from the TSI.

     All in all, this will result in a vast improvement in whitetail deer population over the next 3-4 years as well as our already unrivaled turkey population. More improvements will be made in the upcoming years to ensure your hunting trip to Williams Wilderness Lodge is an enjoyable one.

     Please don't hesitate to call with any questions you might have about land management, whitetail deer hunting, or to book reservations for a private hunt up here in trophy whitetail land.